Assignment: Whose Solo Work Do You Love?



  • To know what you love about solo performance
  • To generate material for your solo show
  • To identify images you want to create on stage

Assignment: Research the work of three of these artists.  Find an aspect of the work that turns you on. Why does it interest you?  What image did the artist create?  How did they create it?  (body, prop, what media?) What was the effect of the work on you, did you laugh?  did you learn something?  What image would you love to create on stage?  What is it comprised of?  Your body?  Your voice?  A prop?  A costume?  A projection?  A movement?  What’s the action of the image?  Is it a still life?  Does it move?  What are some of the images you’ve seen in life or on stage that have stayed with you?


Vito Acconci

James Adlesic

Mark Ameen

Laurie Anderson

Eleanora Antin

Joey Arias

Penny Arcade

Elia Arce

Ron Athey

Pina Bausch

Jan Bell

Reverend Billy

Nicole Blackman

World Famous Bob

Victor Borges

Kate Bornstein

David Blane

Michael Burke

Reggie Cabico

David Cale

Laurel Jay Carpenter

Carl Capotorto

Ann Carlson

Jessica Cerullo

Yoshiko Chuma

Sean Clute

Susanna Cook

Jackie Curtis

Rob Curto

Earl Dax

Mark Dendy

Krista DeNio

D D Dorvillier

Michael James Esper

Ethyl Eichelberger

Karen Finley

Carrie Fisher

John Fleck

Coco Fusco

Tanya Gagne

Diamanda Galas

Guillermo Gomez-Pena

Marga Gomez

Spaulding Gray

Whoopi Goldberg

Dynasty Handbag

Scotty Heron

Murray Hill

Shelly Hirsch

Danny Hoch

Patricia Hoffbauer

Dan Hurlin

Imani Henry

Otis Houston

Holly Hughes

Mike Iveson

Miranda July

Rhodessa Jones

Sarah Jones

John Kelly

Stanya Khan

Lisa Kron

Eliza Ladd

William Pope L

Annie Lanzillotto

John Leguizamo

D’Lo a.k.a. D’Loco Kid

LuLu LoLo


Erin Markey

Glenn Marla

Shelly Mars

Salley May

Robbie McCauley

Yvonne Meier

Nick Slie / Mondo Bizarro

Jennifer Monson

Deb Margolin

Shelly Mars

Amapola Prada Mendoza

Jennifer Miller / Circus Amok

Tim Miller

Meredith Monk

Tom Murrin a.k.a. The Alien Comic

Yves Musard

Julie Atlas Muz

Ellen O’Grady

Yoko Ono

Jaime Ortega

Nam June Paik

Yoonhye Park

Marty Pottenger

Reno (“Rebel Without a Pause”)

Carl Hancock Rux

George Sanchez

Carole Schneeman

Lucy Sexton

Felice Shays

Peggy Shaw

Claudia Sheer

Karen Sherman

Jackie Shue

Judith Sloan

Anna Deavere Smith

Hank Smith

Jack Smith

Roger Guenvere Smith

Pamela Sneed

Annie Sprinkle

Paz Tanjuaquio

Lilly Tomlin

James Thierry (Charlie Chaplin’s grandson)

Carmelita Tropicana

Diane Torr

Adrienne Truscott

Maurice Turner
Howling Vic

Deke Weaver

Cathy Weis

Martha Wilson

Rae C Wright


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