Assignment: CAVEWORK



  1. Let the walls tell our stories
  2. Write fast
  3. Write big, open up the wing of the arm,
  4. Hold the writing instrument like a paintbrush, try different markers, graphite, colors
  5. Press your heart onto the paper, on the walls, on the floor. 
  6. Breathe.
  7. Close your eyes.
  8. Listen to instrumental music.
  9. SHOVEL LINES to dig deeper into the text.  11 rounds
  10. PHRASEWALK  take a phrase from the cave and walk with it, in an iambic pentameter walk.  Vocalize the phrase over and over like a mantra, til the words circle in on each other, the last word seems first…  Let the phrase jump into surprising rhythms. Work with a phrase with different physicality. As your heartbeat and breath change so will melody and rhythm.
  11. MINING THE CAVE: observe the artifact of the cave, heiroglyphs of the psyche, the drawings, lines, words, look at their placement in relation to each other.  honor what is there.
  12. Invite someone else into your cave. Have them spontaneously perform from what they read on the walls.
  13. Invite three people into your cave. Direct them in an improvised choral reading / singing.
  14. Make artistic choices about how to identify what can be mined from the walls.  What’s a potential lyric?  What’s the beginning of a litany?  What stories are there?  Characters? What is missing?
    • find a stage direction
    • find a choreography
    • find monologue
    • find clues to blocking
    • find something to sing
    • find a physical challenge
    • find a character
    • write several sketches of scores that you can work on as a solo show

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