photo by Marc Bovino


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  1. Wow… it’s so nice to see my cave wall again after five years!
    Annie helped us the apprentices at ATL in making our solo pieces in the fall of 2007.
    My experience was liberating and frightening at the same time. As writing and drawing whatever came to my mind on the wall, I started to realize that the wall was revealing the deepest secrets, sorrow, and pain of my life. It almost felt like purging. The wall was very private, intimate, and yet open to the onlooker. Then the wall started to give me inspirations to add more to it. It was very strange but so much fun to “design” the wall as if it was a living thing that could speak to me.
    When I finished it and looked at it from a distance, only one word came out: “Wow….”

    If you have any question or feedback regarding my process of making the cave wall, feel free to ask in this reply section. Would be happy to have a conversation with you.

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