Assignment: SCRIPT or SCORE


Assignment: SCRIPT or SCORE

Write both a script and a score for a short solo-performance.  The distinction I’m making is that a script in this case looks like a monologue on the page. You can add your ideas for stage action or direction if you want.

A score is a sequence of images, action, sound, text.

Here’s the score for my 3 minute solo:
Zebra Diva

1. Zebra Diva enters stage naked in full body zebra paint dragging a wheelchair that she is handcuffed to.

2. Music starts: Annie’s track “Blue Pill”

3. Zebra Diva smashes wheel chair against upstage wall.

4. Zebra Diva whirls wheel chair overhead rodeo style.

5. Music fades as Zebra Diva sits in chair.   


Here’s a section from a score from my solo show “How To Wake Up a Marine In a Foxhole” that premiered at The Kitchen, in NYC, “Solo Voices” series in 1998.

Spin the block ice in white side light so that light flashes into audience.

Hugs the ice until it is still.

Take ice-pick from holster and stab the ice.

Pick up a large chunk of ice, hold it overhead and recite:

“You remember my father? You remember his name?”



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