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Each Sunday at my LOL: LITERARY OUTLAWS for LIBERATION creation circle, I give a lesson and short sermon.  Each of these are tools you can use to develop new work and generate text and find your stories within.  Here’s what I’ve discussed so far:
  • SPIRAL WRITING —  I spiral write to include the many dimensions of self and consciousness.  As I write into the spiral I zoom into my dreams and feelings and soul, as I write in progressively outer rings, I include my body, surroundings, places, memories, sky, earth, stars, planets, lifetimes ago, politics, all of the outer realms.  I have one large notebook where I free hand draw five ring spirals, write it, then color it.  I will bring this notebook to show you.
  • ACTION WRITING –  I action write on large paper with no lines.  I lay down or lean on table, wall or floor.  I spread my wings, close my eyes, use a fast graphite or marker, and let it flow.  This is a full body experience.  Breathing into the floor, feeling my heart’s weight on the paper.  Writing as fast as I can and always filling up the paper. This is the beginning of CAVEWORK, marking the walls of your cave with the shadow of your heart.  Later, transcribing.
  • CORAGGIO – take heart. from “cor” Latin for heart.  courage in our voices and stories and poems and songs and beings.  channel our inner Tarzan, beat the chest with courage. Speak.
  • EMPTY THE VESSEL:   Before writing a new song or poem, I “empty the vessel.”  I do this by clearing my mind, exhaling, walking alone in moonlight with no cell phone, no distraction, walking a repetitive pattern in a safe place (safe roof, safe yard, safe playground or court, etc..)  I walk in a large circle or a back and forth pattern, breathe, swing arms, let my mind vacate.
  • LOST and FOUND: I got this exercise from a cancer survivor writing group called LIFE LAB, teacher David Stoler.

1.  Fold an 8×10 piece of paper into three long columns.
2. Then fold it over the short way in half.

           3.  Open it.  You will have 6 boxes.
           4.  Randomly write either the word LOST or the word FOUND in each box.
           5.  Then write one thing that you can lose or find in each box.  Example: my mind, my keys, my virginity, my spirituality, my creativity, my mother, my memory, my neighborhood…
           6.  On the back of the paper, in each box, write a place that has meaning for you, with detail. Ex:  Room 612 at Sloan-Kettering.  My mother’s blue kitchen.  Gina’s bedroom.
           7.  Then on another piece of paper, write the sentences that are formed when you match the front and back of each box.  Ex: I lost my mind in Gina’s bedroom.
           8.  Now that you have six writing prompts.  Write a piece (story, song, poem, free write) for each of the six lines.  As you write, make it true.  Find the truth there is to find.