Each Sunday at my LOL: LITERARY OUTLAWS for LIBERATION creation circle, I give a lesson and short sermon.  Each of these are tools you can use to develop new work and generate text and find your stories within.  Here’s what I’ve discussed so far:
  • SPIRAL WRITING —  I spiral write to include the many dimensions of self and consciousness.  As I write into the spiral I zoom into my dreams and feelings and soul, as I write in progressively outer rings, I include my body, surroundings, places, memories, sky, earth, stars, planets, lifetimes ago, politics, all of the outer realms.  I have one large notebook where I free hand draw five ring spirals, write it, then color it.  I will bring this notebook to show you.
  • ACTION WRITING –  I action write on large paper with no lines.  I lay down or lean on table, wall or floor.  I spread my wings, close my eyes, use a fast graphite or marker, and let it flow.  This is a full body experience.  Breathing into the floor, feeling my heart’s weight on the paper.  Writing as fast as I can and always filling up the paper. This is the beginning of CAVEWORK, marking the walls of your cave with the shadow of your heart.  Later, transcribing.
  • CORAGGIO – take heart. from “cor” Latin for heart.  courage in our voices and stories and poems and songs and beings.  channel our inner Tarzan, beat the chest with courage. Speak.
  • EMPTY THE VESSEL:   Before writing a new song or poem, I “empty the vessel.”  I do this by clearing my mind, exhaling, walking alone in moonlight with no cell phone, no distraction, walking a repetitive pattern in a safe place (safe roof, safe yard, safe playground or court, etc..)  I walk in a large circle or a back and forth pattern, breathe, swing arms, let my mind vacate.
  • LOST and FOUND: I got this exercise from a cancer survivor writing group called LIFE LAB, teacher David Stoler.

1.  Fold an 8×10 piece of paper into three long columns.
2. Then fold it over the short way in half.

           3.  Open it.  You will have 6 boxes.
           4.  Randomly write either the word LOST or the word FOUND in each box.
           5.  Then write one thing that you can lose or find in each box.  Example: my mind, my keys, my virginity, my spirituality, my creativity, my mother, my memory, my neighborhood…
           6.  On the back of the paper, in each box, write a place that has meaning for you, with detail. Ex:  Room 612 at Sloan-Kettering.  My mother’s blue kitchen.  Gina’s bedroom.
           7.  Then on another piece of paper, write the sentences that are formed when you match the front and back of each box.  Ex: I lost my mind in Gina’s bedroom.
           8.  Now that you have six writing prompts.  Write a piece (story, song, poem, free write) for each of the six lines.  As you write, make it true.  Find the truth there is to find.

About Annie Rachele Lanzillotto author and artist Author of "L is for Lion: An Italian Bronx Butch Freedom Memoir" SUNY Press 2013, and "Schistsong" Bordighera Press 2013 Currently narrating / recording my audiobooks at The Loft studios in Bronxville, New York. If you'd like to contribute to help audiobook production, contact me: Spread the Bronx accent far and wide, to listeners, to those for whom reading a book is impossible or arduous...

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